I literally cannot stop searching for opportunities abroad someone make me stop and do my school work before my head leaves the stratosphere

Because traveling is the only thing that can make you richer…

my new goal is to travel to one exciting place each year

Oh and here’s me looking cheesy in Guadalajara

Sandy Kim

you know what sucks? everything

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2x1, aquí un MASH-UP:

Lorde - The Beatles: “Royals / Come Together”

-*Un poco osado juntar a estos dos pero la música está y existe para todos los gustos*-

Vía: rastreandomusica.blogspot.com blog que recomiendo visitar. 


This frame does feature Shaquille O’Neal
What do you call a girl with a penis?



Her name.

reblogging again because this post has less than 4000 notes but the one about trans men has over 20k

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Healthier Snowball Cookies