Paul Signac (French, 1863-1935), Les Diablerets (L’Oldenhorn et le Bécabesson), 1903. Oil on canvas, 65 x 81 cm.
When Enforcing School Dress Codes Turns Into Slut Shaming | TIME

"But by implying that boys simply can’t control themselves around girls’ bodies, administrators are pandering to a culture that too often transfers blame from men to their female victims. They risk encouraging young, impressionable minds, both male and female, that women are in some way responsible because of their “suggestive” clothing and their behavior for sexual crimes and transgressions, rather than making clear that each individual is responsible for his or her own actions."

I remember being a high schooler with a dress code—I remember the small hole above the knee in my jeans being “distracting” and the girls who were sent to change for wearing dresses that were too short by dress code standards. But what I don’t remember is anyone telling the boys in our school to be distracted by something other than a girl’s clothing—anyone implying that the fault resided not with the girl’s choice of attire, but with the boys who made lewd comments after a girl was forced to change. THAT is the fault in a dress code. THAT is the fault in a society that continues to promote rape culture. 

I literally cannot stop searching for opportunities abroad someone make me stop and do my school work before my head leaves the stratosphere

Because traveling is the only thing that can make you richer…

my new goal is to travel to one exciting place each year

Oh and here’s me looking cheesy in Guadalajara

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2x1, aquí un MASH-UP:

Lorde - The Beatles: “Royals / Come Together”

-*Un poco osado juntar a estos dos pero la música está y existe para todos los gustos*-

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This frame does feature Shaquille O’Neal
What do you call a girl with a penis?



Her name.

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